I have frequently put together slide decks for presentations. There’s an art and a science to understand what colors will work, which fonts are legible, how much to use, when animation goes from fun to distracting. This is becoming especially true as the number of online meetings and webinars increases.

Below are just a few examples created with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are also frequently used.

Marketing for the Arts

I was a guest speaker for the Accidental Arts Administrator Class in May 2020. This was my second time in a row to speak at the course, which trains nonprofit and for-profit art organization administrators on the basics of running their organization. The course is offered by Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts.

Created with Apple Keynote and Adobe Illustrator. Music added after the presentation and did not play during it.

Creative Services Process

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) needed a process for marketing to begin. I created the process and this presentation to explain it.

Created in Apple Keynote and Adobe Illustrator.

See more here.

Strategic Plan Launch Event

In March 2020, the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis held an event to launch its five-year strategic plan. I helped plan the event and created these slides. The video contained in them is not my work.

Created with Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. Music added after the presentation and did not play during the event.

Artist Fellowship 2020

This presentation was created in Apple Keynote and displayed during the awards ceremony for the 2020 Artist Fellowship. All images, audio, and video provided by the artists and remain their property.

The Regional Arts Commission’s Artist Fellowship serves to foster and invest in the careers of St. Louis artists of all disciplines by providing funds to allow for more time and space to study, reflect, experiment, explore, practice, and create. The goal is to advance the individual artist’s creative journey. This annual Artist Fellowship recognizes artistic excellence and honors the work of seasoned artists, advances the work of mid-career artists, and nurtures the work of developing artists.

Ten St. Louis City and County individual artists receive $20,000 awards each. I invite you to find them all online and see, hear, and read their incredible works!

Created with Apple Keynote, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Audition.